With one investment, you are instantly a co-owner in a diversified portfolio of real estate assets. Our experienced team pinpoints properties with the highest potential. We then purchase, manage, renovate, and when the time is right, sell the assets. Profits are split among investors.

We accelerate your wealth creation by reinvesting cash flows from the properties.

Investor Benefits

Why One Up Homes

Protect yourself from the stock market's volatility and diversify your portfolio with real estate.

Access for All

We are open to all investors- accredited or not. Minimum investments are as low as $25,000.

We Do the Work For You

When you invest with One Up Homes, you get the luxury of investing on autopilot. Let the experts do the work for you.

An Investment Partner, Not a Broker

We have no middleman fees, saving you money. Our incentives are aligned with yours - when assets sell, we don't make money until you make money.

Professional Management

Rest assured knowing your investment is professionally managed. No real estate experience is necessary- saving you time and money on costly mistakes.

Watch Your Investment Progress

We're vertically integrated, meaning we own and manage all of our own properties. This also means we have real-time updates and the most insight on property progress.

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